Ciriculum Vitae

Pursuing an advanced degree in technology & policy, specializing in sustainable development and the applications of engineering design, machine learning, and satellite remote sensing.

(Honors Degree)

2019 , University of Alabama, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
Minors in Mechanical Engineering, Computer-Based Honors, and Public Policy
2018, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Summer Research Program
Supervised by Dr. Danielle Wood, Space Enabled Group, MIT Media Lab

Current Work Experience

Aug 2019 – Present
The IBM Corporation, Dallas, TX

Technical Solutions Specialist, Training in consulting and sales skills within IBM’s Watson, data analytics, cloud, and IoT business lines in order to implement proof of concept designs and drive digital transformation in industry          

Professional Experience

Relevant Professional Experience
Summer 2018             
MIT Summer Research Program
Research Intern, investigated satellite technology and global development with the Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab

Summer 2017             
San Francisco Department of Public Works
Design Engineering Intern, worked on hydraulics proposals and green infrastructure capital projects for multi-million-dollar city initiatives

2017 – 2018                
Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab 
Undergraduate Research Assistant, worked on modeling of extreme weather events and interpolating flooding inundation data in real-time

2017 – Present           
Forza FinancialStudent-run 501(c)(3) for microfinance & business
Chief Innovation Officer, founded grant program for local entrepreneurs and provided business strategy consulting for other clients

Summer 2016             
Bogazici University & Yusra Community Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Summer Student & Part-time Volunteer, studied comparative politics, language, and architecture and assisted in women’s and kid’s classes   


1.   (Accepted) Yazan, B. & Ali, I. (2018).
Family language policies in a Libyan immigrant family in the U.S.: Language and religious identity. Heritage Language Journal. Volume 15(3).
Invited Talks & Conference Presentations
1.   “Space Technology is an Opportunity for Justice and Development”. Invited to give a TIDE Talk (TED-style presentation). The University of Alabama. December 2018.

2.   “Prototyping an Observatory to Support Sustainable
Development Goal 15”. Engineering Science Symposium at SHPE National Convention. Cleveland, Ohio. November 2018.

3.   “Satellite Earth Observation to Track Invasive
Plants in W. Africa”. Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium. Rice University. Houston, Texas. October 2018.
4.   “Application of Sat. Tech. to Track & Model Invasive Water Hyacinth Growth in West Africa”. Public talk at the MIT Media Lab. Cambridge, Massachusetts. July 2018.
5.   “Optimization of Real-Time Flood Inundation Map Generation from Point Observation Sources”. The 3rd Annual Water Policy Summit. NOAA National Water Center. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. April 2018.
6.   “Family Language Policy as an ‘Experiment’ in Heritage Language Retention”. Randall Research Scholars Live Broadcast Presentation. The University of Alabama. December 2017.
7.   “Dynamic Family Language Policy: Case Study of Libyan Arabic in the US “. Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Language Policy & Planning Conference. University of Toronto (OISE) Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Toronto, Canada. August 2017.
8.   “Hydraulic & Hydrological Simulations to Inform Flood Susceptibility in Coastal Mississippi”. Poster. The 2nd Annual Water Policy Summit. NOAA National Water Center. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. April 2017.

9.   “Hydraulic & Hydrological Simulations to Inform Flood Susceptibility in Coastal Mississippi“. Won 4th place poster at the Alabama Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Conference. The University of Alabama. March 2017.

10.  “Design of a Detention/Retention Basin and Bio-swales: Alleviating Flooding and Water Quality Issues near Bryant-Denny Stadium”. The SEC Academic Conference: The Future of Water. 1st Place, Campus Water Matters Competition. Mississippi State University. March 2017. 

11.  “Family Language Policy; Case Study of Bilingual Families in the United States”. Randall Research Scholars Live Broadcast Presentation. The University of Alabama. December 2016.

Research Project Experience
2018 – Present           
Remote Sensing and Sustainable Groundwater PolicySenior Thesis
Researched the public policy applications of satellite water measurements. Completed literature review, case studies of policies, and draft proposal.
-Under Dr. Jay Famiglietti, NASA JPL, University of Saskatchewan

Summer 2018             
Application of Earth Observation Satellite Technology to Track & Model Invasive Water Hyacinth in West AfricaSummer Research
Conducted satellite data analysis to differentiate invasive water hyacinth plants and generated maps to help quantify historical bloom trends. Also contributed to stochastic modeling of future plant growth trends.
-Under Dr. Danielle Wood, Space Enabled, MIT Media Lab

2017 – 2018                
Optimization of Real-Time Flood Inundation Map Generation from Point Observation Sources
Produced flood depth and extent maps using point observation data and calibrated interpolation model by employing inputs from Hurricane Joaquin landfall in 2015. Also confirmed feasibility of near real-time processing.
-Under Dr. Sagy Cohen, Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab, University of Ala.

2016 – 2017                
Dynamic Family Language Policy as an ‘Experiment’ in Heritage Language Retention: Case Study of a Bilingual Arabic Family in US
Explored the dynamics of Arabic language retention in a bilingual Libyan-American family using qualitative methods and critical discourse analysis. Also completed the translation and transcription of all collected data.
-Under Dr. Bedrettin Yazan, College of Education, University of Ala.

Technical Skills
ArcGIS, SolidWorks, Python, JavaScript, FORTRAN, AutoCAD, Excel, Arduino, SQL, C++

English (native), Arabic (native), Turkish (fluent) 


Honors & Scholarships (Date of Initial Award)
Nomination, Most Outstanding Senior, Department of Environmental Engineering
Most Outstanding Research Presentation in Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
MIT Summer Research Program Alumni Conference Scholarship
Alabama Space Grant Consortium Scholarship        
Most Outstanding Junior, Department of Environmental Engineering
Kenneth J. Tobola Endowed Award for Outstanding Research Project

Campus Water Competition 1st Place, SEC Academic Conerence: The Future of Water
Academic Distinction Award, Department of Environmental Engineering
Academic Distinction Award, Black Faculty & Staff Association

International Understanding Award
Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) Minority Scholarship

Dean’s and President’s List, University of Alabama
Alabama Presidential, Engineering Leadership Scholarship
National Merit & National Achievement Sony Electronics Inc. Scholarship

University Involvements
- Randall Research Scholars Program
- Women’s Club Soccer Team, Captain
- NSBE National Society of Black Engineers
- Tide Talks, Executive Director of Event Production
- Alabama International Relations Club, Model United Nations