Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Water Governance and the Mitigation of Climate Change Effects

Senior Thesis, Dr. Jay Famiglietti, University of Saskatchewan 

Civil & Hydrological Design of Site Layout, Building, & Land Grading Plan

Design Plan, Dept. of Environmental Engineering. Uni. of Alabama

Water Diplomacy: Negotiating Boundary Crossing Water Conflicts 

Case Study, Water Diplomacy Group, Uni. of Alabama

Multispectral Satellite Imagery to Track & Model Invasive Water Hyacinth Plant in West Africa

MIT Media Lab, Space Enabled Research Group

Interpolation of Flood Inundation Depth from Point Source Data, Towards Near Real-Time

Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab

Design of Green Infrastructure, Proposed Detention/Retention Basin and Public Park

Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab/Vice President of Construction, Uni. of Alabama

The Political Economy of Inflation in Sudan, An Analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions

Independent Study, Public Policy

Summary of Insights from NASA GRACE Mission on Global Changes in Groundwater Resources 

MIT Media Lab, Space Enabled Research Group

The Urban Sustainability Challenge, The Framework of the City in the Age of Climate Change

Independent Study, Public Policy

Electricity and Electric Power Generation in the Nile River Basin

Independent Study, Public Policy

Experimental Design and Artistic Demonstration of the Saffman-Taylor Instability

Fluid Mechanics Course, 1st Prize Project Entry

Utilization of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Simulation to Assess Coastal Flood Risk in the Gulf of Mexico

Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab