About Me

I am a rising senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Environmental Engineering with minors in Mechanical Engineering, Public Policy, and Computer-Based Honors. I am a first-generation Sudanese-American and hope to pursue my graduate degree at the intersection of space technology, water and food security, and global development. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and guitar, taking photos, and hanging out with friends and family.


This summer, I had the opportunity to research at the MIT Media Lab in the Space Enabled research group, where I worked on the utilization of space and satellite technology in advancing justice in Earth's complex systems. I have also been able to work at the City of San Fransisco as a design engineering intern during the previous summer. At my home institution, I am an undergraduate research assistant in the Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab. I enjoy a wide range of auxiliary activities, including writing articles, learning more about public policy, and contributing to work on equity issues.


I am interested in a holistic scope of work, focusing on the improvement of global public health and equitable development. In order to address these issues, I aim to apply my skills in the instrumentation and design of remote sensing missions, data analytics of large datasets, and navigation of the policy sector. I also want to continue working to broaden access to scientific education for more diverse communities and actively communicate science with the public in relatable ways. 

Future Work

While pursuing my graduate degree, I aim to be engaged in both industry work and with my communities both in the Unites States and Sudan, and elsewhere. I look to work at the intersection of innovation and implementation, guiding my projects through to fruition and use by people at-large. Overall, I see 
as important avenues for this vision work with large companies, start-ups, municipalities and government, and multilateral organizations alike.